How It Works


Join us in rewarding our growing "Eco-Friendly" Business Member base!

Simply look for local merchants with an "Eco-Policy" clearly labeled and posted on their web page to patronize. An Earth Mom Icon located among their social media links will take you directly to their page.  Introduce Earth Mom to your favorite vendors and soon you'll be finding thousands of "Eco-Friendly" entities listed in our free Business Directory


Inform your Friends, Family & Colleagues

The Law of Supply & Demand and Natural Selection, can be powerful financial motivators for rouge companies who place profits ahead of the needs of the environment.  Let everyone within your circle of influence, know how your new shopping habits are subtly helping to save the planet for future generations. 


Get Your Employees/Employer Involved

Creating and posting an "Eco-Policy" commitment should be every bit as important as filing taxes.  By becoming "Earth Mom Compliant" (See Examples), your company can benefit with a free listing in our business member directory.  It's free, it's rewarding and not having a listing can mean needlessly missing out on a huge source of revenues.


Tell the World "I Love Earth Mom!"

We offer custom "Earth Mom" approved products from global "Earth Mom Compliant" sources. Your purchases can help us defray the cost of bringing environmental commitment to every corner of the globe. For answers to questions and additional information, see the links below. 

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