About the Earth Mom Vision

From the Founder:  The Earth Mom image was carved from the continents tens of millions of years ago.  Ever since the first maps were made of the Old World, she has been waiting patiently for her subtle beauty to be recognized.  Escher's Art and other illusionary type drawings inspired the Earth Mom image which first arose from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.  If you're familiar with antique cameo jewelry, you're more likely to notice the striking and undeniable similarity of the typical cameo shape (below) vs. the Earth Mom outline. From there, its left to one's imagination to fill in the contours left by the shape of the continents with an image comprised of flowing winds and gentle waves.  Once introduced to Earth Mom, it becomes difficult not to think of our planet in terms of the most beautiful woman on the face of the Earth.  Without Earth Mom, our world suddenly seems pretty empty. 

The Earth Mom Cameo:  Stop for a moment to consider how many times each day, the Earth Mom cameo shape skirts across your subconscious mind. You may not have ever noticed her but now you'll be seeing her on the news, on web sites, in movies, in magazines, corporate logos, on weather reports, etc. In short, you'll soon appreciate why Earth Mom is arguably the most branded image on the planet without once ever being intentionally advertised. Hence forth each time you view an image of the Western World, imagining her subtle features will be something you can look forward to sharing with others. With your help we hope to see the Earth Mom vision come to represent the beauty and vulnerability of our global environment.  After today, your world may never seem the same again. 

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