How Earth Mom Works

Offering Eco-Friendly Choices for Concerned Buyers

Prediction:  By the year 2020, companies who openly exhibit concern for the environment, will prosper far in excess over of those companies who repeatedly fail to address their eco-footprint. 

Fact:  Nearly all Fortune 500 Companies are concerned with how their environmental policies and practices are perceived by consumers.  Most have already taken the time to voluntarily post "Eco-Policy" statements on their websites for all to see (click link for 100's of examples).  Few if any have yet to adopt a Common Icon to easily direct traffic to their posted policy. 

Fact:  Most consumers if given the opportunity, would choose to only do business with the most eco-conscious sources. The challenge we've all faced until now, is in being able to easily identify the eco-friendly businesses.  Earth Mom provides a simple solution to overcoming that challenge. With your help, Earth Mom can come to represent environmental accountability on the part of every concerned company within the span of just 6 - 12 months.   

Fact:  Nearly everyone is familiar with the power of "Social Media".  Most of us utilize it every day to communicate our thoughts and wishes to others.  As an asset, the social media network is proven, easily accessible and constantly evolving to reach more people.  It's now possible to use it to reward those companies who genuinely care the most about our environment. 

Offer:  Earth Mom offers the world a social media symbol representing commitment to the environment we all share.  

Invitation:  Earth Mom invites every eco-conscious business owner to post a copy of their own environmental statement on line and link it directly to our Earth Mom Icon.  When Earth Mom is posted alongside the other major social media icons, concerned consumers can then click on Earth Mom to instantly read all about the ongoing eco-friendly efforts being made by this business.  It's a simple idea and it's good for business and even better for the environment.  If the business lacks a website, we'll even provide a "Profile Page" free of charge.  So there's really no excuse for condoning bad behavior

Permanent Solution:  Eco-focused consumers simply need to make local businesses aware of our spending solution.  Most will see the wisdom of immediately creating eco-mandates within their organization.  As we begin identifying and spending our dollars with "Eco-Friendly" enterprises, any "not so eco-friendly" entities will begin to shrivel and perhaps even disappear.  It's their choice. 

Global Invitation To Business Owners:  We invite you to join and encourage your employees, stockholders, directors, management, divisions, suppliers and clients to all join and help to monitor your efforts in helping to protect our global environment. Each holds a personal stake in how your run your business and how you approach the needs of the environment we all share. 

Added Effort:  We'll even supply Custom Earth Mom Icons to match your website style at no extra charge.  Once your Eco-Policy has been developed and posted, the Earth Mom icon is free to any business that wishes to adopt it as a symbol of their concern for the environment.  

Why Should Every Business Join?  One day every successful business on the planet will maintain and post an eco-policy on line.  It's free, it's easy enough to create  and posting an Eco-Policy for all to view is a responsible eco-friendly way to run your business.  

Help Us Stop Empowering Polluters with Our Pocketbooks.  It's time to give all consumers some insights into how easily their dollars can encourage more responsible environmental behavior from our global suppliers.  We should all be embracing this simple concept.  All we have to do is "Act Naturally" with our spending habits by putting the environment first.  

About the Earth Mom Icon:  Earth Mom provides an amazing vision designed to represent the splendor and vulnerability of our beautiful blue planet.  She's been waiting patiently in the Atlantic for millions of years waiting to be discovered.  

Join Us:  Join Us today.  Be sure to mention us on FacebookTwitter and all the other social media venues you tap to keep your family, friends, colleagues and fans informed.

Still Not Convinced?  Watch the Earth Mom Video, then decide if our planet can afford to wait any longer to act.  

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