Business Entity Guidelines

What being a committed Earth Mom member means for business entities.

1.   Post An Environmental Policy:  This means establishing a simple, clearly stated "Eco-Friendly" policy that assures our members of your global environmental commitment. 
2.   Link Your Policy:  It means that you’re willing to add the Earth Mom Social Media Icon to your website face page alongside your other major icons so that our members can easily recognize you as a committed Earth Mom business entity member and reward you accordingly with their patronage.

3.   Create a Supplier Policy:
  Being a committed business entity member means holding all suppliers of goods and services to the same level of commitment "Eco-standards" as you represent to our members.  This especially applies regardless of where in the world the supplier may be located.  Fake claims and documentation by third parties suppliers is no longer acceptable.  Make an effort Investigate any claims and perform your due diligence to insure your suppliers undertand their obligation to live up to the same set of standards you have published.  Feel free to list all suppliers who are in compliance either prior, or as a result of your new standards. 

4.   Divisions and Subsidiaries:  This means holding any and all of your divisions, subsidiaries, partners, sister companies, etc. to the same higher set of standards you set for yourselves, regardless of where in the world they are located and irrespective of the lack of environmental protections in place for that country.  Just because it may be legal to dump toxic chemicals into rivers and streams of certain third world countries, doesn't make it ethical or morally right. Many of these workers are connected to the internet and have a powerful voice when it comes to enduring polluted water as means of existence.

5.   Establish a Green Executive Officer (GEO) - Optional:  Establish a Green Executive Officer to oversee all environmentally sensitive areas of your operation.  Show that you are willing to go the extra mile in helping reduce and eventually eliminate any negative impact your company is having on the environment.  As you adopt more eco-friendly habits, you'll find devoting more of the money saved can be used to support the needs of this position. 

6.   Employee Involvement:  Means informing all of your employees of your willingness to embrace the simple ideals the Earth Mom organization.  Encourage each employee to become an Earth Mom member and ask them to participate directly in helping your entity continue to improve upon all aspects of your environmental commitment and ongoing efforts.  
7.   Client Involvement:  It means providing a viable means of communication for our members to reach out and provide valuable feedback to you via e-mail, smart phone, web forms, ballot boxes, etc.  

8.   Legal Wrangling:  It means ceasing to hide behind the legal system, lobbyists and corrupt politicians in continuing to dump toxins, chemicals and other pollutants into our environment including 3rd world countries who are incapable of defending their environment.  

9.   Industry Reparations:  It means working within your industry to help bring global environmental standards up to the levels you would feel comfortable exposing yourself and your family to within your own backyard. 

10.  Whistle Blower Protection:  Means promising not to punish any employees for bringing wasteful, damaging or deceptive practices to the attention of others in an effort to help assure your commitments and efforts are genuine. 

Creating a listing of eco-standards and adhering to them is purely up to each individual organization to establish and police.  Your employees, community and clients will be better served by the actions you take.  Earth Mom simply provides a unique means of documenting your efforts adn 

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