Celebrity Wall of Fame

Recent sponsorship at a special 59th Annual Grammy's hospitality event in Beverly Hills allowed us to introduce Earth Mom to several of these celebrities, their agents and managers who genuinely appreciate our efforts and share our environmental concerns.  If you are an entertainment celebrity, we have a special space reserved on this wall just for you.  
Alexx Ivie
Alice Farinas
Brooke Lewis
Cristina Lizzul
Deborah Kobylt

Gwendalin Augustine
Jenna Lynn
Jessica Ross
Jillian Reeves

Joyce Chow
Karen Salkin
Kate Linder
Kay Cola
Kaya Rose-Davis

Kendall Lake
Lauren Bertoni
Loentine Abdullah
Lorielle New
Maria Conchita Alonso

Martha De Laurentiis
Melissa Strong
Monica "Belle" Banks
Nikki Hoard
Nondumiso Tembe

Paige Mobley
Porscha Coleman
Renee Olstead
Sheri Pedigo
Sophie Gold

Stefani Vara
Syd Wilder
Tia Owens


If you're a celebrity with an existing environmental cause, you'll love adding Earth Mom to your list of favorite organizations.

If you're a celebrity in search of a cause, Earth Mom is a great place to start.  You can use your celebrity status to help support a completely passive means of changing the approach we as consumers use every time we make purchases.  We even offer co-branding opportunities on several of our products to help you generate funds to be donated to any of your favorite charities. 

Join today under our special new "Celebrity" category.  Don't be left behind an important new movement designed to reward those that would help preserve our environment.  We look to celebrities to help spread word of our recent launch on Indiegogo.  

Be one of the first 10,000 concerned Earth denizens to contribute and enjoy special "1st Responder" status, including merit badges and several awesome perks.  We would love to spotlight your contribution on this page and laud your ongoing efforts on behalf of the environment.  Please join and contact us directly at 702.990.0093 for more information on embracing our cause and discussing potential co-branding opportunities.  

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