Earth Mom Mantra

Premise:  At Earth Mom, we feel any permanent solution for addressing the problem of global pollution, must have a monetary reward to be effective.

Translation:  Without sufficient and lasting motivation, the best laid intentions may soon fade.

Premise:  The pursuit of profits has throughout time, overshadowed the importance of placing the needs of the environment first.  

Translation:  All pollution can be traced back throughout history to the bad practices employed on the part of global commerce.

Premise:  If the pursuit of profits can produce the motivation to pollute air, water and earth, the potential loss of profits can just as easily provide an incentive to run a clean and efficient operation.  

Technology now exists to help us stem the tide of pollution generated in the name of profits.  The Earth Mom program can help identify "Eco-Friendly" sources of goods and services to reward with our patronage.

Premise:  "Going Green" pays us all back in a number of ways not always obvious to the casual observer.

Translation:  Pollution costs us all dearly in ways we can easily change but perhaps lack the energy, conviction and foresight to do so.

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