Earth Mom Pose

Taking the Perfect Earth Mom Pose

We intend to transform the winds and waves into a highly recognizable image of the woman in your life.  The Earth Mom Cameo (link) provides a perfect outline to attempt to emulate.  The concept is for us to create a vision that is influenced by the shape of the continents and arises from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.  When completed, you'll have something very special to give to the "Most Beautiful Woman on the Face of the Earth".

You can choose stealth to catch your subject in the perfect pose, or involve her voluntarily in the process by creating a small (ruse) for which later you will assuredly be forgiven. 

Make sure your subject is comfortable either standing while you get a few shots or sitting on a high bar stool. 
The body and head should be turned 35 – 40 degrees to her right.
The head should be tilted slightly forward about 3 - 4 degrees with a slight upward gaze focused on the camera lens.
The nose profile should come fairly close to but not touch or exceed the right cheek.
A slight or pleasant looking or even sensual closed-mouth smile provides for the best effect.
The right eye should be positioned just on the edge of the facial profile to provide the best alignment.
Be sure to take photos with ample light or flash with your resolution set on full or max definition so we you  can provide the fullest detail.

  • We can deal with any background but ideally the less color variations to distract the artist, the better.  Having a blank wall behind your subject if possible is preferred.  The less hair blocking the main facial features, the better results we can provide.

  • It is best to take a few pictures, then decide on the best one to send keeping in mind these comments.  Or send several even if  and give us your preference.  We'll use the others to insure we are able to capture the essence of the subject.

  • Prior to producing any products, an artist’s rendition will be e-mailed back to you or placed on line for viewing and approval.

    If you’re planning on surprising your wife (or significant other), we recommend you use a secure e-mail that only you can view.  

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