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We are committed to the notion of rewarding good environmental behavior on several levels.  Listed below are a number of free benefits and available for your review.  We hope you can take some time to click and understand how each of these items can best be of benefit for you, your family, your employer and for the planet.

Earth Mom ID Cards: Use your Earth Mom membership card to enjoy special promotions and discounts on good and services provided by Eco-Friendly vendors.  Soon after you join, you'll be given access to a special page allowing you to add your name and member number, then print off your ID card to present to various entities who want to thank you for caring about the planet.

Earth Mom Member Certificate:  Being the first to try something new takes courage.  In honor of your bravery, the first 10,000 Responders will be awarded a special 1st Responder member certificate link where you can add your name right on line, print, frame and hang for all to see.

Earth Mom Notes:  Earth Mom offers you an opportunity to encourage your favorite vendors to join and begin enjoying the special spotlight and access to all the social media marketing assets we can provide.  These notes can also double as a means of encouraging better behavior in specific circumstances where you see energy waste, excessive packaging, use of Styrofoam, etc.  Business members are very happy to receive any feedback that helps them improve their enterprise.

Earth Mom Icon Pack:  Introduce Earth Mom to your world by incorporating our Earth Mom Icon into your e-mail signature, then linking to your Earth Mom Profile Page.  For business entities, weprovide our Earth Mom Icon link for adding to their list of social media icons.  Once added, the icon should take any consumer directly to an Eco-Policy page or Member Profile Page.  

Earth Mom Merit Badges:  Everyone appreciates receiving special recognition for their efforts.  Earth Mom awards merit badges to help recognize special achievement in many areas, such as new member acquisition, submission of eco-tips, community clean up, community leadership, etc.  People hesitate to be the first to try anything new so in appreciation of Signing Up Today, you will receive a 1st Responder 
merit badge to add your new profile page.   

Eco-Knowledge Library:  We've pulled together hundreds of topics and placed them all in one place for review at your leisure.  It's always good to fully understand all aspects of any subject that is near and dear to your heart.

Eco-Tips & Ideas Library:  Once you find out how well "Going Green" pays, you're likely going to want to explore as many Eco-Tips and ideas as possible.  We've addressed a number of areas where simple measures can immediately begin to save you money.  We encourage everyone to submit fresh tips and ideas and earn a special merit badge when we adopt ten or more original ideas. 

Green Discount Coupons:  We encourage every vendor to offer special discounts to our members.  As you search through our Enterprise member base for various products and services, be sure to seek out these special offers.  On our free level, you'll be able to generate up to 12 promotional coupons a year, free of charge.   

Sample Eco Policy:  We encourage you to view hundreds of actual Eco-Policies that already in use by most of the Fortune 500 companies on the planet.  We make it a practice to patronize only those companies who have posted each policies and add them to our own Policy Page.  We encourage individuals and business owners alike to create a personal profile page and post your own personal eco-policy on your profile page.  

Home & Business Checklists:  We've put together a brief action plan designed to help you begin reducing your footprint and saving money.  It's going to take a concerted effort so once you've reviewed your household checklist, we encourage you to participate in stuffing your suggestion box at work with lots of new ideas.  

Daily Eco-Tips & News:  Look for fresh tips each day along with breaking news on the environment.  You'll find something new and interesting to talk about every day.  Don't worry if you miss a day as we'll give you a recap in our weekly Newsletter. 

Weekly Newsletter:  Look for our weekly newsletter to bring you information on a number of evolving issues along with tips on how best to manage your membership. 

Green Jobs Board:  Looking for a "Green" job or looking for a Green-Minded employee?  Enjoy full access to our new jobs board. 

Classified Ads:  Enjoy full access to our classified ads section to post your green products and services.

Photo and Video Albums:  Just when you thought you were running out of room to post your videos.  Everytime you get involved in any community clean up efforts, be sure to get photos and post them on your site.  Most activities are going to provide hours of fun and satisfaction to be sure to document your events. 

Earth Mom Brand Store:  Help spread the word and support our cause by purchasing our Earth Mom brand products. Contact us for volume rates on our goods to use for environmental fundraising projects.

We're not done yet . . . Be sure to view your Social Media asset section to learn about all the goodies we are placing at your fingertips.  

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