General Rules

At Earth Mom, we prefer the pursuit of peaceful strategies over any path that leads to conflict.  Earth Mom seeks only to embrace good environmental behavior as we develop a means of rewarding those who share our concerns on the environment.  

Rule One – First Due No Harm:  Earth Mom is a simple tool that when applied in a specific fashion, will begin to accomplish in weeks and months what many other measures may have failed to accomplish in years and decades.  As an Earth Mom Member whether an individual or business, your job is simply to follow the mantra by living and behaving better and introducing others to our system.  Over time, the Earth Mom Mantra will by itself become our most highly effective tool for accomplishing our many goals over the near term.  Our only enemy is the distraction and reinterpretation of our goals by those who would seek to corrupt and derail our efforts.  To become successful beyond our wildest estimates, we must always remain true to our mantra and keep confrontation and violence of any kind forever out of every equation.  As Earth Mom becomes increasingly more effective, it must never be used as a means to threaten or harm others, but rather only as a means of rewarding good behavior.  Adopting Earth Mom measures simply means leading a responsible life that everyone can respect and embrace.  Let’s all strive to keep it that way.  Be proud to be known simply as a respected member of an organization that never needs defending.

Rule Two – Open to All:  Earth Mom is open to membership by people of all ages, colors, creeds, races, orientation and in short everyone from all walks of life.  We all share the same air, water and good earth however many of us do not share the same quality of earthly provisions.  The only way to correct this inequality on behalf of mankind is to correct it equally on a global scale.  For that to occur, we need to approach a level of 100% commitment from every business entity on the globe.  So likewise, we encourage every business entity on the planet regardless of their past environmental record, to begin again with renewed energy, vigor and commitment and join us in always putting the long-term fate of the planet ahead of short-term material profits.  It's a concept we can all hopefully embrace and live with.

Rule Three – Living Better:  If we talk the talk, we must walk the walk.  We must all learn to live better.  Like success, Eco-Friendly living is a journey, not a destination.  We’ve all heard the analogy of the person who finally gets on the right track.  If they just sit there, they get run over.  Living better and better is a process until we manage to become carbon neutral.  Whether you choose to improve on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, you should strive to make improvements.  Every breath of fresh air you take is a gift.  Every glass of clear, clean water you drink is a gift.  Tasty, nutritious food grown in uncontaminated soils is a gift.  Past generations have not had to look upon air, water and earth as gifts.  They’ve simply been resources put here on earth to use and abuse as they saw fit.  The world population in 1900 was 1.7 billion.  In 1950, 2.5 billion.  In 2000, 6 billion people.  For 2150, the projection is 9.3 billion.  To keep the future looking bright for generations to come, we need to find a way to live together with Mother Nature that we can all easily respect.  

Rule Four – Technology Share:  One day, everyone on the planet is going to have a smart phone or tablet.  Once they learn to use them, most will have open access to the web and then will begin to enjoy the option of finding and rewarding those businesses whom they feel are most eco-beneficial both locally and globally on their behalf.  At that point, we will be on hand to see reductions of 20%, 35% and perhaps even 50%.  If you have older model laptops, outdated smart phones and tablets you don’t use anymore, there are kids somewhere that could benefit.  The single most important resource you can repurpose, is technology. Let’s get the world up to speed and educated sooner rather than later.

Rule Five – Responsible Spending:  We seek to reward the most eco-friendly business entities with our collective patronage. Those that choose to become more competitive from an environmental standpoint will prosper even if their goods cost more as a result of the eco-friendly changes required to produce a better product. Why pinch a penny or two if it means dumping toxins into the environment now that will cost millions later on to clean up?    
Rule Six - Public Protest/Activism: Earth Mom is a passive process designed to bring about measurable results in carefully prescribed manner.  Acts of aggression, violence, protests and activism are just "not in our nature" and have no place in our organization.  We understand that some feel the need to actively hold rallies, openly protest and publicly demonstrate.  If you must participate, please always refrain from voicing your personal opinions as ours, or wearing our Earth Mom insignia to any events other than those that could be described as completely passive and peaceful.  

If by this time next year our combined efforts in spite of population growth has resulted in the reduction of global pollution buy 1%, 3% or even 5%, every percentage of reduction represents millions upon millions of tons of pollution that no longer enters our environment.  Although 5% is small and not nearly enough for any of our members to easily accept, once we see we can collective accomplish and document such a reduction, then we will have validated our mantra and will begin to make progress on levels never before imagined.

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