Getting Started

Step By Step Instructions For New Business Members

Congratulations on Joining Earth Mom:  To enjoy the maximum member benefit as a Business Enterprise Member, be sure to complete all the following steps at your earliest possible opportunity.

Step 1: First, locate your profile “Dashboard” page and click.  To find this page, log-in and click on the green “Edit Profile” button.  You’ll find your Dashboard on the upper left side underneath your name and member ID.  

Step 2:  Click on “Contact Details”, then choose “Company” then begin entering as much business information as possible to drive traffic to your page. Then finish by clicking save!

Step 3:  Now it’s time to add any existing links to your websites and existing social media pages.  Since Earth Mom is all about how “Going Green” pays, we recommend you take as much time as needed to join as many social media platforms as possible.  Attracting attention to your business via electronic means will help you to greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for expensive printed marketing materials.  It can also stand to help you increase your business profile image many times over. If you been putting off getting up to speed on all the social media marketing assets available, now’s your big chance to tie this activity into something really important. 

__ Facebook

__ Twitter

__ Tumblr

__ YouTube

__ Instagram 

__ Blog 

__ Pinterest

__ LinkedIn 

__ Google+

__ FourSquare 

__ etc.

If you lack the technical knowledge, review our Educational and Social Media Resources links for more information and free educational on many of the social platforms mentioned.  If you lack the time to research and apply new skills, you can consider hiring a part time local high school or college intern to oversee your Social Media Marketing duties or promote an employee from within.  There are plenty of independent contractors who will help you establish and maintain your online presence.  Make sure they know Photoshop and can help manipulate art and photos to load up on your site/profile page.  We also offer a social media maintenance solution to get you started, for relatively low fee. 

Step 4:  Upload your company logo.  Double check to see you have the correct size and highest resolution to present the most professional image possible.  If you don’t have Photoshop or lack the sufficient skills, nearly all millennials possess a huge amount of technical skills.  It’s just a matter of viewing

Step 5:  Share more details. Go ahead and fill out as much information as you are comfortable.  A company should fill this page with as much information as possible. Remember you are marketing to potential new clients so take the time talk about your company and let yourself shine!!  (Save and continue)

Step 6:  You should now be back at your profile ‘Dashboard’. Congratulations on becoming the newest Earth Mom member. You are now one step closer to doing your part to save the planet.

Step 7:  Create a new (or review your existing) Eco-Policy page (Examples)  Feel free to copy content from our own Earth Mom Eco-Policy example.

Step 8:  Add the Earth Mom Icon to your list of social media icons*

As soon as your Earth Mom Icon is linked, be sure to notify us so that we can activate your remaining benefits.  Our prime requirement is for you to create and link an Eco-Policy page to our Earth Mom Icon.

Step 9: Review the table of contents below and add some content to your profile. We recommend posting a coupon. Create a coupon that can be redeemed by our members to help you introduce your products and services to our growing membership base. 

The more content you post the more traffic you will drive to your profile page or website. 

Step 10 - Optional:  Assign, promote or hire your new “Green Executive Officer”.  Assign a set numbers of hours and duties per week / month for this person to dedicate to overseeing the implementation of any programs related to researching and executing the duties required of the position.

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