Green Executive Officer

A "Green Executive Officer" is a term created to represent an important position held inside small to large company structures.  The duties of the position include establishing, maintaining and reviewing progress on any environmental policies posted to the web.  Typically the position is assigned to someone in the organization that is both passionate about the environment and whose ethics are beyond reproach.  

Sample Responsibilities:

Establishment and Posting of an Eco-Policy: 

Timely Review of Existing Eco-Polices: 

Monitoring Progress on Ongoing Objectives: 

Proposing Additions to Existing Objectives: 

Monitoring Feedback from Department Heads: 

Providing Content for Environmentally Orientated Press Releases: 

Creating, Monitoring and Responding to Environmental Communications via Dedicated E-mail Account: 

Creating Budgets and Forecasting Savings for Green Project Implementation: 

Carrying out the Duties and Responsibilities Required of the Office: 

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