Earth Mom Social Media Goals

"Going Green" can pay in surprising ways you may never have considered. 

Definition of Website:  The most important and reliable marketing representative you'll ever employ, for the least amount of cost. 

Free Social Media Exposure:  It's time to maximize your Social Media potential.  If you haven't already started, you can soon be learning how to place your products and/or services in front of thousands of new buyers at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.  Sign up free today as an Earth Mom member and you'll begin to enjoy an immediate opportunity to engage clients on a number of new social media platforms you may never have considered.  

Free Local Search Engine Analysis:  As soon as possible, you should take advantage of our free social media Search Engine Analysis services.  Having accurate, consistent information across all platforms will help to bolster your rankings.  Our analysis will quickly show how your company information appears across as many as 70 local platforms and search engines. 

Social Media Maintenance:  "Time is Money", it's the big lie!  Time is so much more valuable than money.  Remember, you can always get more money.  Given that your time as a business owner is very valuable, we offer special access where you only log in once to correct, update, make announcements, feature special messages, manage reviews and learn to stand out among your competitors. After you see how easy it is to maximize your local web presence using this single asset, we'll be able to provide you with special service discounts where you'll save 30% -  50% off most standard rates for services of this kind.  

Free Social Media Courses:  There is a huge phenomenon going on all around us.  It’s called Social Media and although it may sound somewhat confusing and at times a bit redundant, it’s no longer possible or prudent for business owners to simply ignore. So for that reason, we offer every new business member access to a collection of free information from various experts on social media marketing.  Our goal is to help you stay competitive while you undertake efforts to become evermore Eco-Friendly in today’s marketplace.  Click to understand more on the growing significance of Social Media.

Blogs, Albums & Newsletters:  Before you know it, you'll be blogging, adding photo and video albums and learning how best to tell your own story and publicize your company.  As we help you cut costs, reduce or eliminate printed materials, gain clientele and increase revenues, we hope you will in turn will share our Earth Mom program with your friends, family, colleagues and employers. Remember, any paid services we offer will likely be discounted with funds going to help offset the costs of providing our valuable referral services to communities all around the globe.  

Marketing System:  By providing a Social Media Marketing System and an action plan, we'll help you tap into the easily accessible social media phenomenon. This one aspect of our benefits alone can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.  Perhaps you feel you don’t have the time to devote or you’re too old to learn new tricks.  This is one area of marketing you don’t want to ignore.  Whether you’re an individual or a business, we try to make it as easy as possible to help ease you into the various concepts on how to best use and maintain these invaluable new tools.

The success of Earth Mom is hugely dependent on our own ability to maximize a variety of social media channels as we reach out to attract new members. As part of our program, we want to insure we bring you into the social media mainstream.  Most of our services are provided free of charge to the world by offering a number of paid Social Media products and services. Most local businesses are all too happy to show their appreciation for our efforts by joining us on one of our paid levels.  
Website:  If you lack a website, your free “Member Profile Page” can act as a surrogate with which to connect your company to the web.  You’ll have ample room to talk about your products and services and discuss the measures you’re undertaking on the behalf of the local environment.

Tumblr:  We’ve all heard about how blogs can help gain your company publicity and notoriety.  Our guide will help you set up a blog account and suggest content to help get you started.

You Tube:  Imagine using video to help you demonstrate your goods and promote your company.  You may not know how, but our guide will help get you started, then provide some simple instructions to get you pointed in the right direction.  From there, the ROI for your time and trouble will provide ample incentive for you to expand this valuable resource as much as possible.

Pinterest:  Pinterest offers an effective means of posting and sharing images and videos related to your company and your efforts on behalf the environment.

Twitter:  Once considered a fun distraction, Twitter has become a very important business communication tool.  If you don’t have an account, our educatinoal links will help you get established, launched and up to speed.

Facebook:  You have no doubt heard of Facebook by now or have seen the movie “Social Media”.  There are many valuable facets of Facebook available to be readily adopted by modern business.  After you've absorbed all you can with the links we provide, you'll likely want to continue to build on your new found success.

LinkedIn:  Here is another important means of keeping in touch with people on various professional levels.  Like all the other platforms, LinkedIn offers an arrays of special services.  Some are free or some can be purchased for a reasonable monthly fee.

Google+:  Like Facebook, Google+ is an internet-based social media network.  It has it's own set of advantages that will likely make it worth your time to dig in and learn as much as you can about how to navigate in and around the vast channels they make available.

Instagram:  Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service.  It enables it’s users to take pictures and videos and share them either publicly or privately on the app.  Until you dig in and invest some time, you won't know just how valuable this feature can be.

Earth Mom Icon:  At a glance, the Earth Mom Icon says volumes about your personal and professional commitment to help reduce your impact on behalf of our environment.  By helping you to maximize your social media exposure, you will help Earth Mom become a highly effective means of helping to promote positive changes to the way we collectively view the needs of our environment.  Other Earth Mom members will be looking for your Earth Mom Icon to be able to reach out and reward your efforts.  So display and promote it proudly.  It's your gateway to a huge amount of revenue you might not otherwise appreciate. 

Rewards System:  Once we help to make it easy to find Eco-Friendly companies on the Web along with their products and services, we can then help encourage our growing base of Eco-Minded members to contact the most Eco-Friendly companies first on their quest to make their purchases. You'll want to review our Business Guidelines checklist and insure you're adhering as closely as possible to item listed. You already know that anyone who cheats and puts profits ahead of the environment can be more competitive. In time, companies that cheat will begin to disappear right along with many of the easily curable problems plaguing our planet.  

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