Individual Guidelines

What being an Earth Mom member means for individual households.

We ask you to adhere to a few simple guidelines.  Its as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. 
1.    Become Enlightened:  Take some time to learn all about our environment, what benefits it, what hurts it and how to live in harmony with nature.  We offer an extensive Knowledge Base covering almost all subjects pertaining environmental issues.

2.    Become Engaged:  Begin to explore new ways to apply your new knowledge starting within your own household and lifestyle.  Take advantage of our extensive list of Tips and Ideas on how to improve upon how many facets of your life serves to impact the environment.  Learn how to recognize and reward those business enterprises who commit to putting the environment first ahead of profits.

3.    Become Empowered:  Bring your passion for saving our beautiful blue planet for future generations, to the attention of others in your circle of friends, family, colleagues and employers.  Invite them to our website where they will hopefully become compelled to join.

What benefits of being an Earth Mom Member can be expected for individuals?  

1.    Benefit One:  Doing your part to help save the planet pays.  Invariably the monetary benefits of living a greener lifestyle far outweighs the time and trouble you take to reduce your own footprint. The future of our planet may depend upon our collective ability to learn new ways interact with each other and the environment.  

2.    Global Camaraderie:  As an Earth Mom member, you enjoy a global camaraderie with people from all walks of life who are united in your views and goals for our planet.  (EP)  Wherever you go in the world, you find people wearing the Earth Mom brand and know that you have something more in common with them besides just being another member of the human race.  

3.    Earth Mom Icon:  As a member in good standing, you have the right to electronically reproduce our Earth Mom Icon for the purposes of promoting your personal involvement via your e-mail signatures and on your websites.  

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