Certification Insights

Start by Downloading a Household Checklist - First, start by saving a copy of each applicable checklist to your computer, then open using the most recent version of Adobe Reader.  If you prefer mobile devices, use an Adobe Reader App.  These checklists are designed to help you track any progress you make in each area of life.

Personal Oversight:  Sustainability starts at home:  Before we can ask others to make sacrifices, we must first be willing to set our own example by running the most eco-friendly household possible.  The best starting point is to determine how successfully you are able to persuade other members of your immediate household to join your efforts.  Start by holding a meeting designed to get everyone on board with your eco-friendly intentions.  It's best that everyone willingly adopt certain minimum measures on their own with any coercing or intimidation.  Earth Mom offers a pathway to those that are willing to join in and explore with us. 

Remember:  Just because you're on the right path, if you just sit there, you're eventually going to get run over.  Due to a constant flow of new suggestions and submissions, additions to these lists will be added at the bottom of each applicable category.  Please be sure to check back from time to time to obtain the latest updates and integrate new solutions into your daily lives.  

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