Mission Statement

Our Mission at Earth Mom:  To inspire every business entity around the world to embrace a simple set of environmental guidelines.

Eco-Policies:  We start by encouraging every business owner to create and post an Eco-Policy outlining their ongoing efforts on valuing the environment first ahead of profits.  This eco-policy allows the general public to view the intentions of any business enterprise that desires our patronage.  Most Fortune 500 companies already have set a good example by creating and posting their own policies.  The problem we've faced until now is in knowing where to find them.  Earth Mom offers a simple solution.

The Earth Mom Icon:  Our new Earth Mom Icon when displayed among others, can provide an instant shortcut to send conscientious consumers direct to these eco-policies where their content can be reviewed and verified.  Currently these policies can be very hard to find. Our Earth Mom icon confronts this issue by allowing instant access to such policies direct from our link posted on any face page.  If our Earth Mom Icon is missing among the Facebook, Twitter, and others, be sure to share your concerns with the lacking company.  If they want your business, they should be willing to add an eco- policy and link the Earth Mom Icon accordingly. 

Free to the World:  Earth Mom offers this gift free for the world to adopt.  Any lasting change starts with a written commitment. Commitment becomes transparent when posted in the form of an eco-policy on the web.  The technology required to hold every business to higher standards currently exists.  The motivation for corporations to appeal to consumer standards on higher and higher levels also exists.  The only question remaining is, will we join with each other on a global scale to hold our suppliers to higher eco-standard levels. 

What Makes Our Site Unique:  First off, every successful website on the planet has a number of essential parts such as a home page, a site map, page menus, social media icons, a blog, etc.  Everyone who owns a business shares a vested interest along with the rest of the world, in helping to keep our air, water and soils as clean as possible.  Everyone who runs a business website is in most cases motivated by money.  Earth Mom asks something unique from each business website owner; that they post and monitor a written Eco-Policy pertaining to the way their enterprise operates. 

What Benefit Does our Site Provide:  Social media provides a powerful tool for creating change.  Earth Mom provides a subtle new way of living our lives in harmony with nature simply by carefully choosing the way we spend our dollars.  Never before in the history of humankind has the ability to stop global pollution dead in its tracks been within reach.  Earth Mom was formed millions of years ago but its only been in the last 500 years that her vision could rise from the depths and be recognized for the beauty and opportunity she presents.  Only in the past 20 years, has the technology developed to let her values be shared on a global level. 

Who Does this Site Benefit?
  One day future generations will look back ask how in the face of certain disaster, we allowed our planet to become so polluted.  We can offer any one of a thousand reasons or tell them the truth, "we did it for the money".  Whether or not you believe in global warming, our CO2 levels have according to some scientists, already past the point of no return.  At Earth Mom, we choose to believe that emerging technology can fix just about anything.  And with the help of thousands just like you around the country, then millions around the world, we fully intend to prove it.  

Philosophy:  At Earth Mom, we propose that all pollution can be traced back to the steps of global commerce where almost any questionable environmental practice gets rewarded by misinformed, trusting patrons. Once we are able to comprehend how easy it is to change the behavior of global commerce with a minor adjustment to our buying habits, we can take a big step toward stopping pollution dead at its source.

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Premise:  For Eco-Friendly behavior to rise above and become a permanent practice there must be constant motivation and any diligent efforts must be aptly rewarded.  Monetary reward is without question, a universal motivational tool already well established and readily applicable on a global scale.  Along with it comes a powerful market force, the Law of Supply and Demand.  As a collective buying power, Earth Mom members have the ability to reward good behavior wherever we see ample commitment to the environment over the unbridled pursuit of profits. 

Written Commitment:  The most successful people in the world, write down their goals, then make commitments to achieving them.  A written commitment is a powerful tool.  Earth Mom poses simply, that we invite all business entities to embrace a simple written commitment to the environment, one of their choosing and we can all live with. Once adopted, this commitment can be made available on-line in the form of an Eco-Policy Page linked by our Earth Mom Icon for all our members to easily access. In return for making ongoing efforts on behalf of the environment, Earth Mom members all around the world, are committed to learning how to first seek out these Eco-Compliant business entities above all others when deciding where to spend their dollars, pesos, euros, dinars, rubles, etc.  

Earth Mom Icon:  Use of the Earth Mom Icon by any business entity means that the owners, directors, officers, etc., of each business entity, agree unconditionally to our 12 Rules of Eco-Friendly Behavior.  Participation at this level in return, qualifies them for patronage by our soon to be throngs of millions of members located all around the globe.  So the motivation to behave becomes very powerful and the watchdogs that police their behavior starts all the way down at the employee / supplier levels, all of whom are indirectly charged with helping to improve the way in which their organization treats the environment.  Membership is strictly voluntary, compliance is up to those in charge.  The reward for behaving well on behalf of the environment is highly compelling.  

Positive Affirmation:  Our goal as an organization is simply to seek out and reward positive action and behavior on the part of everyone who calls our planet home.  It's a system we all know and currently use especially as it applies to cleanly run eateries.  Those who follow the rules will typically thrive.  Those who don't or won't, usually get exposed for their ongoing practices and quickly fail.  Fads and trends are constantly altering the way global economies adapt and perform.  Through your continued membership, Earth Mom will permanently become "A New Force of Nature" and a new Law of Nature will start to exert it's powerful influence, the Law of Natural Selection.  

As our membership grows in size and stature, Earth Mom will begin providing powerful interaction tools to help to both inform members and motivate local business entities.  Global commerce will quickly take notice as enterprise begins to recognize the many advantages to joining our organization and policing their own best efforts on behalf of future generations to come.  By effectively putting the Law of Supply and Demand to work, we can cut through red tape and begin to accomplish in weeks and months, what governmental oversight and legislation has failed to provide in years and decades.  

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