Passive Patronage

Dear Prospective Business Entity, (Example)

As a way of doing business in the modern age and to encourage responsible behavior, we prefer to patronize local businesses who have taken the time to demonstrate their social responsibility by posting an environmental policy on their website.  This policy is more important to us than price.  One day soon, this same minimum eco-standard is likely to be adopted by the majority of citizens who share our basic concerns on the environment. - Examples of policies of companies we currently do business with. - Examples of Fortune 500 company polices.

To encourage responsible environmental behavior, we can offer free business listings for any of your locations all around the globe.  As we continue to grow as a global organization, these listings will become invaluable for you.

If you lack a policy, we encourage you to create or adopt part or all of any of the ones above at your earliest convenience.  When complete, you are free to add our Social Media Icon to your existing list of icons and link your policy directly to our icon.

 We look forward to working with you to help preserve our beautiful blue planet for generations to come.


Your Valued Patrons 

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