Professional Guidelines

Professionals such as Accountants, Attorneys, Business Consultants, Insurance Agents, Realtors, etc., are all in a position to consider taking on active leadership roles within their communities.  This means either volunteering to participate within, or helping to organize one or more of the following activities.  

Property Cleanups:  Typically in every community there exists one or more eye sores in need of a good clean up.  Organizing a crew and seeking the help of local politicians and the media is an excellent way to make new friends and meet new clients.  Before embarking upon any type a community activity, check with the city or county and insure any required permits and insurance are obtained.  Check with the local disposal companies to provide experts in handling any toxic materials such as asbestos and toxic chemicals you may encounter.

Beach and Parks Cleanups:  Keeping our kids safe from rusty cans and dangerous drug paraphenalia is a large concern for us all.  Organizing a clean up and insuring the items you help remove are cataloged and disposed of properly will be appreciated by your entire community.  Seek food donations and organize dinners and awards for those who help to make each of your events a success. 

Glass & Plastic Bottle Drives:  Even though many states have cash incentives for the return of glass and bottles, a large amount of these items still needlessly find their way into landfills.  Working to organized drives to benefit the local girl / boy scouts, will help to both raise cash for these organizations and keep these item out of landfills.  Many people who collect these items for return, are just as happy to donate them to a good cause.  

Community Forums:  Use your Earth Mom member assets to create a daily blog and a community forum where you can discuss important issues.

Events Calendar:  Use your Earth Mom Events Calendar feature to keep your community updated on events transpiring in and around your area.  

Benefits for Professionals:  There is nothing immoral or unethical about passing out business cards while your activities help to make a difference in your local community.  Inviting the local media almost assures your name, face and cause will make the evening news.  

For more information on organizing community events, CLICK HERE:   AND HERE


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