Ten Important Questions - Survey

  • Do you feel that having clean air to breathe, clean water and clean earth with which to grow our crops, is important for us and our children?

  • Would you prefer to have everyone around the globe, commit to helping to protect our environment?

  • Given a choice, would you prefer to patronize an Eco-Friendly business over other entities who place profits ahead of the environment?

  • Do you think a simple system where everyone could patronize only the most Eco-Friendly businesses could have a beneficial impact?

  • Do you think its possible for Eco-Friendly businesses to be more competitive than those who reject any attempt to reduce wasted resources?

  • Do you own a smart phone and regularly use it to text, access e-mails and obtain information on the web?

  • If a painless "Eco-Friendly" business ID system was free to use, would you embrace it and encourage others to do likewise? 

  • Do you feel Social Media is here to stay and can potentially be harnessed to bring about positive environmental changes?

  • If you were presented with a simple structure for helping to preserve our environment, do you think could you be persuaded to use it and perhaps feel comfortable in introducing it to others?
  • If this structure was not only free, but could be proven to put money in your pocket, do you think you could get behind it? 

For those not already aware, Earth Mom offers the world a beautiful new Social Media Icon for easily identifying Eco-Friendly businesses.  Change starts with commitment.  When the Earth Mom Icon is placed alongside other social media icons, it will direct you to the commitment page posted by every business that wants your patronage. Earth Mom will be successful by showing businesses how to become ever more Eco-Friendly, while saving them money and increasing their revenues.  

We ask that entities choosing to display our Icon, link it directly to their posted Eco-Policy page.  If such a page is not immediately available or no website is presently in use, we offer a free Profile Page along with Scores of Eco-Examples from Fortune 1,000 companies and others who understand the importance of social responsibility. 

The Earth Mom concept has never before been tried and might take a few months to catch on.  It's free to the world where the affirmative answer to each question above can become possible.  Soon some powerful names are going to be helping us to spread the word.  We hope one of those names will be yours. 

In the mean time, we leave it up to you to investigate our program, join us in our efforts, review your own footprint, then help us spread the word by becoming a social media expert.  It's free, it's important to humankind, it can work and it's proven to help save you money. 

So what's holding you back?  Click Here to join!

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