Social Media Rationale

Look carefully.  What's wrong with these pictures?  

If these were your businesses, how long do you think it would it take you arrange for repairs?  

In the new millennium, chances are you've already noticed that flashing and glitzy electrical signs have pretty much been rendered obsolete as search engines, on-line directories, maps and customer reviews are all becoming the new norm.  The scary truth is that a significant and growing percentage of the population is fully content to do the bulk of their shopping on line so in effect, most frontage signs are now merely a formality.  

The question for you is, how does your social media frontage appear on line?  If the electronic roadmaps leading to your front door are conflicting, have disappeared or worse yet, are pointing business away from you, how much longer do think you'll be able grow or even stay in business?

The truth is, Social Media is the most overlooked marketing tool to become available in the modern age.  It can easily replace the best marketing manager available in the year 1990.  The difference is today is, social media is totally free if you build and maintain it all yourself.  Or for a couple of dollars a day, you can hire experts to build and maintain your new façade for you.  

So you wouldn't think of buying a new home without homeowner's insurance, or backing your car out of the driveway without auto insurance. It's time to insure you're going to be in business this same time next year by investing a very small amount into an asset that is already proving to pay you back many times over.  My just might not realize how much of a factor social media is already having upon your business.  

Like it or not, several search engines and maps already maintain and disburse information on your business.  The question is, do they have accurate information on the type of business you run and the products or services you offer?  Do the reviews people put online about your product or services do your business justice?  Are you even aware that people may be saying nasty, untrue things about you or your business.  If you're not paying attention to these comments and reviews, chances are your future clients are.  

One easy way to find out is to accept our offer for a free Social Media analysis.  Then you can decide if you wish to continue doing things the old fashion way by printing business cards and brochures and calling on a handful of clients each day.  Or, you can choose to present a uniform image and spend far less each day to contact thousands of potential new clients.  You can choose to spend a fortune on mailing costs or use social media to keep your clients considering the special sales, discounts and coupons you have available for them.

One day soon, a few of your clients are going to start asking about what steps you're taking to protect the environment.  Are you going to be ready with the right answers?  Given a choice, would you choose to reward blatant polluters of our environment or choose someone who cares enough to make the needed changes?  

Get started today!  

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