What's Your Policy?

"The Environment"  So What's Your Policy?

Attn: Professionals, Businesses, Associations, Politicians, Celebrities & All Earth Denizens

Introducing - The Earth Mom Mantra: We've chosen to adopt a way of doing business designed to reward entities who are willing to commit to posting an on-line "Eco-Policy" (see links below). Although enforcement of such a policy is voluntary, the act of committing an "Eco-Policy" to writing shows a willingness to be environmentally accountable. It provides us a far better degree of awareness and chance for commitment to their written word.  Each written statement provides the promise of a brighter future for our environment.

So Here It Is! There's no big secret, no sales pitch. The Earth Mom Mantra (already at work)

We proudly present these entities as our preferred vendors of choice for one reason only, their written commitment to the environment. We invite you to click on each of their various Eco-Policy links for a glimpse at the level of commitment each entity has undertaken. Compliance is totally free for anyone to embrace or ignore at their option.


Our New Landlord

 Collier's Properties
Our Insurance


Our Power Co.

 NV Energy
Our Water Supplier

– S. Nevada Water Auth

Our Shipping Co.
Our Freight Co.

 Fedex Freight

Our Freight Logistics

 Landstar Global
Our Security Co.

 ADT Security



Our Lenders
– US Bank

Bank of America

Our Banking
 Chase Bank


Our Office Supplies
– Walmart
Office Furniture
– Office Depot

Our Brand Promotions
– Mars/M&Ms
Our Sign Company

Our T-Shirts Sources
– Gildan,Sanmar
Our Shirt Sources
 Hanes Brands


Our Technology Store
– Best Buy
Our Domain Host
– GoDaddy.com

Our Computers
– Dell Computers
Our Monitors
– LG

Our Wall Monitors
– Vizio
Our DTG Printer
– Brother Printers

Our Phone Brand
– Toshiba
Our Net Provider
– Century Link*

Our Cell Phones
– Samsung Electronics
Our Cell Service
– Verizon Wireless


Our Vehicle Insurance
– Geico Insurance
Our Fuel Company
– Chevron

Our Airline
– Southwest Air
Our Rail Line
– Amtrak

Our Local Restaurants:

Formal Dining
– Red Lobster
Olive Garden

Fast Food
– Mc Donald's
 Taco Bell 


Hotel(s), Rio & Paris
– Caesar’s Entertnmnt
NY, New York
– MGM Resorts

Our Airport
– McCarran Intl
Our City
– Las Vegas, NV

Our County
– Clark County, NV
Our State
– Nevada State, USA

Our Country
– The US of A
Our Continent
– North America

Our World
– The United Nations
Outer Space

Our Solar System
– PlutoOur Universe
– A Message from E.T.

Our Successes:

Our HVAC Maint.
– Quality Control Sys*
Spangle Machine
– Mesa Technology

Equipment Leasing
– Citi Capital Group

Our Own Example:

Our Inspiration
– EarthMom.org

Want to See Your Company Name Listed?

Become Earth Mom Compliant: 
You will be in good company, plus it could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to your company. To follow our example, we ask anyone seeking our business, to become "Earth Mom Compliant". Simply stated, this means like those companies listed above, to offer a posted environmental policy of their (your) own design or choosing to post on the web for all to find and view. Many vendors like those above already have excellent examples of Eco-Policies designed and in place. For those that don't, we've been sticking staunchly to our judicious new credo of asking to see an "Eco-Policy" posted on any entity's website before transacting business . . . And it's begun to have an immediate effect (see success stories below). Just imagine if everyone asked this same basic courtesy of everyone with whom they did business.

Eco-Policy Links:
Right about now you're probably wondering what policy if any you might have posted on your web site, right? If you've scanned through and clicked on a few links above, you'll see that some are quite simple while others are very impressive. If you don't have a policy, you should consider writing one sooner rather than later and posting it for all to view. Or, e-mail us for a free list of ideas.

Social Media: Today's technology offers us all a painless means of collectively rewarding those who would choose the environment ahead of profits. Once global commerce sees and embraces this new global movement, things can begin to change for the better and much sooner. Once we all agree to harness this technology, the planet will quickly become a far safer place for all future generations. It's going to happen, why not be a part of our success?

Learn to Vote with Your Pocketbooks: Responsible living includes responsible spending so when we begin asking those that supply our goods and services to consider the environment by complying in this same manner, we have a means of financial motivation at our fingertips (apps) which every business entity on the planet will eventually need to confront. Before you can expect change, you must have commitment as a solid basis to build upon.

Motivation: To successfully solicit "Eco-Commitment" takes strong motivation and what is more motivating in today's business world than money? Above are all actual working examples of Environmental Policy links (commitments) maintained by numerous business entities for anyone to view. What do you think really motivated each of them to get out in front of this movement? For some, it was genuine concern for the environment, but for all it was a prudent business decision.

Global Change: Attempting to effect change on a global scale presents a huge challenge, right? Perhaps not. Given our modern age of social media, smart phones, tablets and viral marketing, millions can now view and choose to adopt this new tool capable of creating global social changes. In some cases, the sources we settled on were not the most competitive, but in the face of no posted policy from their competitors, we stuck with our own policy of rewarding only those who offer links in place like these (above). There are already those that are sorry.

Success: As a result of our efforts, three business entities have seen the light and have posted policies of their own. In time, they will hopefully expand upon their efforts and encourage others to do the same.

Soon, everyone can easily begin enjoying results as they understand the power of our Mantra and learn how easy it to adopt and adapt it into their everyday purchases.

Consider these facts:

1. Fortune 1,000 Companies: Many large companies including most Fortune 1,000 firms are already way out in front on this move so convincing others to follow their lead should not be too difficult, right? Even so, millions of small to medium size business entities either don't understand or are resistant to change and could use some gentle encouragement. If it comes in the form of financial rewards, it's likely to prompt action on their part sooner rather than later. This is where it takes letting people know you're that willing to reward their efforts by voting for their goods and services with your pocket books. Along the way, we'll be happy to offer many free and simple ways to help you get this same message out to many others. Here are some ideas as provided by Office Depot. Like Office Depot, there are multitudes of others including us who wish to help preserve the planet for eons to come.

2. Free, Free, Free: Everything about this proposition is free, already in place and ready for the world to take notice of and embrace. The internet, the mind set, the consensus that we have to collectively act together, the required technology, the desire and the knowledge of being part of an integral solution. Bringing meaningful, measurable change to our world is right all our fingertips.

3. Passive, Positive Change: We advocate only positive, non-threatening, peaceful measures as a means of exacting the type of change we seek. Embracing our mantra is encouraged for all races, creeds, colors, religions, political parties, orientations, etc., and in short, everyone on the planet as we all have a stake in how the environment around us is treated. Join Earth Mom today and let the world know your now part of our team.

4. Earth Mom Icon: Very soon, our Earth Mom social media icon will come to represent a direct link to any entity's Eco-Policy page. The right to use our brand for this specific purpose is free to the world so show they are "Earth Mom Compliant". Once embraced and widely adopted by global commerce, it will become very easy to separate out those who care enough about the needs of the environmental to commit, from those who don't. Soon we will begin listing links to our politicians and religious sources.

5. Posted Eco-Policies: Without commitment, change cannot occur. Without change, a few of us will callously continue to poison our air, water and our soils to the detriment of everyone else and our future generations. A posted Eco-Policy is the first step in obtaining commitment. So we welcome you to join in our quest of implementing this simple yet effective way of weaving the needs of the environment into our everyday business practices. It's just a single step, but it's an important first step we can all responsibly take together with one silent, peaceful yet powerful voice.

6. Supplier/Employee Involvement: Remember, we're only asking to see a posted "Eco-Policy" for anyone who wants our business. It's up to each entity to post anything they're comfortable in committing to. It is our hope that they will involve all factions of their business, and make continually examine and make improvements to their policy on a regular basis. Once they begin to involve their suppliers and ask their workers and management to help hold them to task, the outlook on the future of a planet we all share, begins to improve dramatically.

Just imagine one day when every business entity on our planet freely chooses to embrace our quest. When you decide to join with us and begin to vote with your pocketbooks, you will be helping to make positive things happen we could only dreamed of a few years ago.

Sincerest Regards,

Randal Spence, Founder

Click Here for more information on “Voting with Your Pocketbooks” and why it's the best solution available for immediately addressing the pollution levels plaguing our planet.

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